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Patrice Snow
Silver Spring, MD
I'm a Southern belle (also former Press Secretary for @TomSteyer & @AlliedProgress alum) who enjoys interesting people and true Christian love.
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Over 300 people are in attendance for tonight’s @TomSteyer meet and greet in Raleigh. Something is happening.…
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From @Rhlovepolitics
@PatriceSnow @TomSteyer Great interview on CNN this morning. You answered many tough questions just perfectly!!!!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
CNN never asks tough questions. In fact, they even went easy on Saddam! I'm recruiting people to ask Steyer actually *tough* questions. He'll wilt. MT @Rhlovepolitics [re either TomSteyer or @PatriceSnow] Great [CNN] interview..You answered many tough questions perfectly!!!!