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I’m like an onion because on the outside I might be disgusting and you hate it, but if you peel back a layer, there’s more onion. (He/Him)
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From @TomSteyer
This campaign is not about me. It's about the hard-working Americans who want clean air and water, a just economy,…
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From @PanasonicDX4500
@TomSteyer the hundreds of millions you’ve already burnt on this campaign could have been used to turbocharge democ…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PanasonicDX4500: even better, @TomSteyer could've easily stopped Trump years ago. Trump's extremely vulnerable to his base & simple arguments used correctly would greatly reduce Trump's support. It's shocking Steyer made a billion but can't figure out how to undercut *Trump*.
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From @AsteadWesley
Elizabeth Warren is still taking selfies. For context, I have left the rally, taken a train to Brooklyn, ordered ub…
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From @PanasonicDX4500
@AsteadWesley This is going to backfire when the Biden Campaign uses ~two dozen staffers and a rotating bag of hats…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PanasonicDX4500: Liz Warren strongly supports illegal immigration. That means she strongly supports political corruption (Big Biz buys off Congress) & she'd help Big Biz lower U.S. wages & braindrain foreign countries If @AsteadWesley were a real reporter he'd call her on that