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Olgun Uluc
Sydney, Australia
Senior Basketball Reporter at @FOXSportsAUS; covering the NBA, NBL, high school, and college basketball.
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From @octonion
The majority are Chinese propaganda bots and accounts. Twitter is censored (i.e. blocked) in China by the governmen…
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From @OlgunUluc
@octonion I was just in China. It’s not that hard to get access to Twitter. Also, at the FIBA World Cup, Andrew Bog…
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From @octonion
@OlgunUluc But how long would an account last that was tweeting messages supporting the Hong Kong protestors?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@octonion: FYI, Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users (incl 20% to 40% libs replying to Trump officials; see my pinned tweet). One only wonders what they do to Hong Kong protesters. If you really care, go after those who refuse to oppose censorship across the board.