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Dublin, Ireland
Monster Truck Neutopian•Bearded lefty Marie-Antoinette shouting 'Let them eat Atkins'-Telegraph commenter•Alinsky-inspired 'ShameCulture warrior'-@AdamBaldwin
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From @JordanUhl
Alex Jones didn’t get suspended for libeling people, or claiming Sandy Hook parents were liars, or threatening Muel…
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From @vijaya
@JordanUhl He got suspended for violating Twitter rules. Period. You are speculating. I know the facts.
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From @oceanclub
@vijaya @JordanUhl You banned him weeks after he'd been banned from all other social media. You don't get to claim any credit here at all.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@oceanclub @JordanUhl: Jones/Watson made it incredibly easy for vijaya to ban them. They made it all about cons, who are less than 6% of Twitter users. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users, but Jones/Watson only made it about their small group. It's Darwin in action.