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Jordan Uhl
Washington, D.C.
2-3 interests • Place of employment • Maybe 1-2 prominent former employers • Witty joke!
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With opponents like you he will. MT @JordanUhl At this rate you [Trump] won't be president for much longer. Thanks Comey! #TrumpRussia
He's never discredited anything. MT @kazroxx RT @isabellegirlxo: @JordanUhl Trump discrediting all critical of him as "fake" deeply disturbs
.@JordanUhl: I have no doubt there are lots of things you don't understand. Do #PETA bosses know how incompetent you are?
.@JordanUhl: no problem, hide your eyes to bad reporting even if PETA gets bitten by it in the future. #Politico
.@JordanUhl: @jdelreal is terrible at reporting: Best to correct that, it might work against you one day. #PETA #p2