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Courtney T. @IWillRedPillUSA
Florida, USA
Investigative_Journalist@∞ 🇺🇸 I_Work📝@TheGoldWaterUS❤️∞@infinitechan🗽/pol/itically incorrect ~ is my home. #White-#NatSoc-#Christian
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From @JJDTMWG0992
RT @IWillRedPillUSA: @AnnCoulter White Europeans are beautiful I'm not going to be shamed for being born and wanting to carry on a legacy…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JJDTMWG0992 @IWillRedPillUSA: @AnnCoulter thinks Messi, Wayne Rooney, De Bruyne, Neuer, etc etc are "moral decay". She prefers all-American NFL legends like Ray Lewis, Jack Tatum, and Al Davis. Which do you prefer? #AltRight