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Veteran, Biker, Patriot, White hat. (96B20) Truth, Justice and the American Way! WWG1WGA The General will be vindicated!
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Joy Behar: ‘A Porn Star Has More Credibility Than’ The President [VIDEO]
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From @FrankDecota
@DailyCaller The only person with more credibility than you Joy ! You old hateful hag!
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From @butternugget42
@FrankDecota @DailyCaller triggered by strong black woman, #needledicknazi
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From @butternugget42
@FrankDecota @DailyCaller who amongst us could predict a blocking by this russian algorithm known as Frank Decota?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@butternugget42: I've never tweeted @FrankDecota (at least under that name) but it's blocked me too. Also, your tweet to bradm32751 was hidden away in Twitter's "LowQuality" section. Test out the censorship checker in my top tweet with your account then publicize the results.