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Vero Beach, FL
Retired twice 25+ years CBS News 1963 to 1988. Director of Planning & Devlp, Torwest 1991 to 2012. Likes: Traveling Swimming, Golf, Veteran: US Army '66-'68
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The Trump admin announced today that it formalized its work requirement rule for food stamps. Nearly 700,000 people…
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From @NickB09121299
@PhilMcCausland @MSNBC This is part of Trumps MO, to kick those that are down and in need. He has taking monies fro…
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.@NickB09121299: #TheResistance leaders are obsessed 24/7 with impeachment (even tho it'll only help Trump). It's always been extremely easy to undercut him to his base over the "wall", but those leaders can't/won't do it. They're as much your enemy as Trump.