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Carolyn Penner
New York
Early adopter, brand obsessive, runner, beauty junkie, builder. Communications leader and consultant. Advisor @bebullish.
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From @vijaya
So many reasons to love working with @kayvz - one more: he brought us a delicious, warm, & freshly baked challah th…
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From @cpen
@vijaya @kayvz “too busy eating to take a picture of it” is such a 2020 mood
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cpen: hi Carolyn. @vijaya lies to millions via ghosting; all non-verifieds need to be worried about being ghosted. She helps everyone from Ajit Pai to Rouhani & Medvedev hide from dissent (real data at my pinned tweet). But, I'm sure she wouldn't lie to you.