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Ric Fink
San Francisco, CA
inventor, mobile developer, WT (world traveler). Founder of PayLive Payment System:
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From @MarinSheriff
A statement from the Irwin and Kiparsky Family. Pictured: Rescue Team.
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From @ricfink
@MarinSheriff I wish to thank the @MarinSAR for NOT QUITTING. It is a reminder that people lost in the bush have a…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ricfink: #CarolKiparsky & #IanIrwin were within 1/2 mile of their rental & were able to shout. It not like they were 100 miles from civilization. It took @MarinSheriff & @MarinSAR *eight days* to find them. They probably need multiple hands to find their behinds.