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Andrew Lawrence
Deputy Director of Rapid Response @mmfa but views here are my own - 99% of RTs are endorsements
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From @ndrew_lawrence
An absolutely stunning racist attack on @IlhanMN from Tucker. I'm shocked She is "living proof that the way we pra…
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From @iamnotasophist
@ndrew_lawrence @allahpundit @IlhanMN Nothing Tucker says here is actually racist. The basic premise of his argumen…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@iamnotasophist: @ndrew_lawrence, MMFA, pro-censorship journalists, etc are a huge threat to USA. Those like Tucker are as much a threat because they monopolize the opposition to MMFA but do it all wrong. To undercut MMFA, marginalize them by pointing out they aren't liberal.
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From @ndrew_lawrence
On Ingraham's Fox News show, Ann Coulter describes her version of the Dem party "I mean you have the Muslims and t…
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From @HeyKat_
@ndrew_lawrence Oh @AnnCoulter calm down, you're being a bit melodramatic. Not everyone hates white men. Just becau…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HeyKat_: Coulter's signature issue is Trump's "wall". Jackie Speier has already admitted Congress would tear down the "wall" when Trump's out of office. Coulter's selling a fairy tale. You could do real damage to her career by just pointing that out to her audience.