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San Bernardino, CA
God/Family/Country/2A The freedoms we have should never be taken for granted.
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"The health of California depends on getting people out of their cars." Yes...let's get the S.C.O.R.E. program goin…
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@bikecar101 @Metrolink @metrolosangeles Please another way to try and control people @johnandkenshow this is a joke…
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@8525bigmoney @Metrolink @metrolosangeles @johnandkenshow Giving people an alternative form of transportation. For those who choose to ride.
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.@bikecar101: @johnandkenshow is like Tutsi Radio. Meek tips won't work. You have to aggressively show their anti-American, sociopathic libertarian ideas wrong in smart, big tent ways. I can do that, name even one other person who can.