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Baltimore, MD
Former baby and aspiring ghost. Writes about our tools and how they shape us for @WSJ. (On book leave and twitter break so email me if you want my attention.)
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RT @TwitterComms: ICYMI — @vijaya spoke with @WSJ’s @mims and @GeraldFSeib at #WSJTechLIVE yesterday about how we're working to address syn…
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.@monraweea: hello Monrawee, Twitter heavily censors dissenters around the world; they admit to censoring 3 million & it's probably much more. Twitter heavily censors liberals replying to Trump officials but also sports fans & even Target customers. Is that @TwitterForGood?
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RT @mims ..baffle[s] me that Japan would rather cease to exist than update its immigration policy// Baffles me he can type. #tlot #tcot #OWS