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Christina Cauterucci
Washington, D.C.
@slate writer, formerly of @wcp and @npr. host of two Slate podcasts you can download: the Waves (gender and feminism) & Outward (queers)
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From @c_cauterucci
i wrote about why Kyrsten Sinema has become a bi/femme fashion icon. click for pics of *three* different pairs of o…
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From @zoinksyow6
@c_cauterucci @Slate I’m looking for substance, pleasssse. Who’s writing about the male senators fashion?.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@zoinksyow6: if you're looking for substance from @c_cauterucci & most Slate writers, good luck. They simply aren't capable of holding politicians accountable, even those they really dislike.