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Connie Carberg
Orlando, FL
Read My Story at I'm Connie, the First Female Scout in NFL (@nyjets), #MamaJet, @ohiostate Grad, Mediocre Secretary #ForeverAJet
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Leaving work on a Friday like ...
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@HQonESPN Really you had Papi in studio and had him as a limited participant. Awful decision @LeBatardShow @Ryan_Cortes
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From @ConnieScouts
@lucasmtz4 @HQonESPN @LeBatardShow @Ryan_Cortes Love Papi!
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.@ConnieScouts: @minakimes cheers XFL, because Americans can't get enough kneeball. Kneeball is already a joke sport, like a practice for very special big baby players who need to be directed in everything & need a tent revival to get them to do their jobs. #football = #soccer