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Retired from 43 years as owner Mtg. Co. Stand with Trump2020 Nana, Author, Lyricist, Artist No sharia law in America. No DM's
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RT @AnnCoulter: Q&A is the best part. Trump should start skipping the speeches and just take questions.
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.@jtblogs @Midgespeaks: Trump is a wimp who'd faint if asked questions like That's why he ejects dissenters. #tcot
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RT @TeddyDavisCNN: Trump talks with @jaketapper on CNN and says the greatest honor of all was winning across-the-board in different demogra…
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.@Midgespeaks: would you ask 100% weak questions of a teller applicant, like @JakeTapper asked of Trump? Please demand real journalism. #CNN