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David Adams
Miami-based digital journalist @UnivisionNews. Beirut-born, British-educated, bilingual, baseball fan, lives by the sea. Previously @TB_Times @Reuters
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From @UnivisionNews
Attention: A @Univision team, headed by @jorgeramosnews, is being arbitrarily detained at the Miraflores Palace in…
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From @Patry527
@UnivisionNews @Gbastidas @Univision @jorgeramosnews @NicolasMaduro I believe Jorge Ramos is a US citizen
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From @bob_heinz1
@UnivisionNews @Univision @jorgeramosnews @NicolasMaduro Just made my day!!!!!!do everyone a favor and keep him
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From @KickTheLibsOut
@UnivisionNews @Univision @jorgeramosnews @NicolasMaduro Good! They can keep him in that country forever.
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From @LeilaSmale
@UnivisionNews @ShimonPro @Univision @jorgeramosnews @NicolasMaduro I hope Jorge is ok
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From @dadams7308
@UnivisionNews @Univision @jorgeramosnews @NicolasMaduro Happy to report Jorge has been released. Here he is on his…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Good thing he had the foresight to become a Citizen Of Convenience in the USA. Like if I got Mexican citizenship to assist with travel there. MT @UnivisionNews Attention: A @Univision team, headed by @jorgeramosnews, is being arbitrarily detained in Caracas
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bob_heinz1: hey Bob, VZ has already released Jorge Ramos. You had as little impact on Jorge as #resist has had on Trump. For years I've been seeking help to show Jorge wrong to his base. What pathologies have kept cons from helping undercut him?
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dadams7308: hey Dave, would you want Jorge Ramos in a foxhole with you? Like Saverin, he's just a Citizen of Convenience. List even one US vs MX issue where he'd take the US side when TSHTF. #Univision
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Patry527 @Rosaabel71: name even one US vs MX issue where Jorge Ramos would side with the US when the chips are down. He's just a much poorer Saverin who hasn't been forced into choosing a side.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Yet another example of how cons are useless to the US. They have absolutely unrealistic fantasies of banishment and, due to their mental/emotional issues, refuse to help with smart effective plans. MT @KickTheLibsOut Good! They can keep [Jorge Ramos] in that country forever
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
I'm glad VZ didn't harm him, even though - despite becoming a US Citizen of Convenience - he's hostile or indifferent to anyone else in the US or our founding principles. Maybe we can swap him for a 3rd string hockey player. MT @LeilaSmale I hope [Jorge Ramos] is ok