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Alice Wilder
Louisiana/North Carolina/NYC
I help make Trump, Inc. (a podcast from @wnyc and @propublica)
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From @Alice_Wilder
Remember that ultra-violent meme video showing “Trump” blasting the heads off journalists? It happened at a conspi…
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From @MamaBearRocks3
@Alice_Wilder This is horrific!!! My mother is rolling in her grave!! She worked on Eisenhower’s campaign and was a…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MamaBearRocks3: @Alice_Wilder is all about 'cherchez l'homme blanc'. She's a racist, and not only that she keeps falling for Trump's trolls. Trump got elected *because of* those like her. She's too dim & too corrupt to truly hold Trump accountable on his hugely flawed plans.