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R͛y̋̅ͭaͦ͐̏n͒ͩ̆ ̇̓M̓̓̒c̾͂̇Ed̈́̂͌gͮ́̓e͌̈l̐̄̐ő̐r̓d̍̃'s avatar
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R͛y̋̅ͭaͦ͐̏n͒ͩ̆ ̇̓M̓̓̒c̾͂̇Ed̈́̂͌gͮ́̓e͌̈l̐̄̐ő̐r̓d̍̃
sw 1832-2619-8010
Your internet shitposting daddy I'm not on as much cuz I never have time, but I'll answer if you hmu
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From @getongab
Gonna hide all replies to tweets for the lulz
R͛y̋̅ͭaͦ͐̏n͒ͩ̆ ̇̓M̓̓̒c̾͂̇Ed̈́̂͌gͮ́̓e͌̈l̐̄̐ő̐r̓d̍̃'s avatar
From @Metalngames
@getongab Hide me daddy
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From @treylw89
@Metalngames @getongab >enter Incognito mode to bypass Gab's tyrannical new censorship policy
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@treylw89: FYI, @getongab blocked me for pointing out #Dissenter would fail like all past similar efforts. They've also constantly *helped* Twitter censor people by falsely pretending only cons are censored. They've COINTELPROed what should be a big tent opposition to censorship