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Melissa Allen Heath
Asheville, NC via Atlanta
Unabashed believer in science. Shill for BigHandsoap. Former biologist & federal environmental enforcement atty. Atlanta native now mtn girl. Kitties, Chihuahua
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From @tribelaw
It’s not too soon to start thinking about the unthinkable: What if Trump refuses to leave peacefully when he loses…
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From @melisheath
@tribelaw @jgeltzer This has crossed my mind more than once. The peaceful transition of power is something for whic…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@melisheath: with opponents like @tribelaw, Trump won't have to leave in 2020. Think about it: if Larry was smart enough to develop plans that would stop Trump, then he would have been pushing them for years. Instead, nothing he's ever said has had any negative impact on Trump.