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Executive & Former SOF [Δ]➼ PhD that fought terror on 5 continents•Truth-seeker•Freethinker•Constitutionalist•Unapologetic•Opinions are my own. #1A #2A #Liberty
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Under 15 years old and they stomped the Women's WORLD CUP team. 5 goals in soccer is like 19 runs in a baseball ga…
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From @stoic_soldier
@AnnCoulter In case someone needs word pictures to comprehend.
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From @wheels021
@AnnCoulter You do realize baseball is the most boring sport. For context, an exciting 21-14 football game is actually only 3-2?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@stoic_soldier: in 2014, Coulter pushed kneeball (specifically, the NFL) as a better, pro-American sport than football. Do you agree with @AnnCoulter that the NFL is a patriotic sport & an example of American greatness?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@wheels021: baseball isn't boring if you understand what's going on & close key games are very suspenseful, but I digress. That said, you're on the right track: Coulter's 2014 anti-soccer screed where she extolled the NFL would really undercut her to her fans.