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Michelle Delgado
Washington, DC
I make @summerhouse_dc. Bylines @TheAtlantic, @CityLab, @lithub, other places. She/her. Newsletter archive:
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From @mdelgadia
Absolutely THRILLED to be interviewing brilliant @frumpenberg about her forthcoming book. I got to read it a littleโ€ฆ
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From @frumpenberg
@mdelgadia cc: @TheInnerLoopLit @MonicaHesse @HillaryKelly @mckinneykelsey <3
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From @mckinneykelsey
@frumpenberg @mdelgadia @TheInnerLoopLit @MonicaHesse @HillaryKelly Are we meeting up after or what!!!!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mckinneykelsey: hey Kelsey, it's undeniable that those like @MonicaHesse helped Trump win, isn't it? They're his foil. Now she obsesses over "freeing" Melania, rather than addressing his fans' concerns about their jobs. Or how his wall would fail. She's in effect pro-Trump.