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Matthew Hurteau
Forest Ecologist. I study forest-fire-climate interactions.
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.@matthewhurteau: Trump said today we should be "raking and cleaning" our forests to prevent wildfires like they supposedly do in Finland (perhaps a reference to Fixteri). Without mentioning climate change: is that a viable idea? If not, will you challenge his proxies on it?
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Vast majority of Camp Fire is on private suburban/urban land. Trump is lying when says evironmentalists caused fire…
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.@KieranSuckling: hey Kieran, @MatthewHurteau won't reply so maybe you'll have the intellectual integrity to do so. Could Trump's "raking & cleaning" be a reference to something like Fixteri (look it up) he was told about? NB: snark & dishonesty *help* Trump so don't do that.