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melissa “DentalCareForAll” byrne
philly. (and dc, nyc, and ca)
CA Grassroots Director @berniesanders. still banned from trump tower. organizer. let’s win free college. #cancelstudentdebt.
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From @sunrisemvmt
The greatest international threat we face - like @BernieSanders said back during the 2016 primary - is not military…
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From @MomForProgress
@sunrisemvmt @mcbyrne @BernieSanders Thank you for noting that Bernie Sanders has been focused on this issue for a…
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.@MomForProgress: you know how Drudge/Fox/etc/etc/etc harp on things like Al Gore flying or snow during a "climate change" conference? @sunrisemvmt can't show them wrong. Their fellow travelers can't either; some even want to criminalize dissent. I suggest fixing that first.
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From @placeholderacctignorethis
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mcbyrne: I don't know about that, but @jonathanchait has always had the means to negatively impact Trump. Instead, he's just whined in a small fishbowl & nothing he's ever said has had any impact whatsoever. Urge him to finally help with smart anti-Trump plans.
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.@mcbyrne: @MsJodieEvans won't face up to how her policies help the rich screw struggling American workers: #occupy