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Robert Novak
Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Techie & Whovian since '83. Cisco Datacenter TSA (not airport security). My words, not my employer's.
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From @getongab
.@vijaya, Twitter’s head of “Trust and Safety” “cringes” when she hears that people call Twitter the “free speech w…
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From @gallifreyan
@getongab @vijaya To be fair to @vijaya it was a random employee in the office, specifically the General Manager of…
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From @gallifreyan
@getongab @vijaya Someday my pinned tweet might no longer be true. I don’t expect it this decade though.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gallifreyan @getongab: all non-verified #Twitter users should be worried about @vijaya censoring them: not just cons. She censors Target customers, Mike Trout fans, etc. etc. See the reports at my pinned tweet. $TWTR would plummet if most users knew what they were doing.