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Jonathan Keller
Fresno, CA
Follower of Jesus. Husband to @Julia_Michelle. Dad to Hudson and his little brother (due April 2020). CEO of @CAFamily. Fan of @HughHewitt. Two Corinthians 9:8.
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RT @jonathankeller: [VIDEO] SB 128 Update from Sacramento #SB128 @NoSuicideCA @KameronSnow @Leslie_Wolfgang @daniel…
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.@CAFamily: I tweeted you last month, let me try again. Will you help with this smart anti- #SB128 plan: ?
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From @JonathanKeller
RT @NoSuicideCA: Why #sb128 is suicide:
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.@jonathankeller: did you check out the link I sent before: Please give me your honest opinion, good or bad.
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.@JonathanKeller: how to stop SB128 from a position of strength: Are you willing to help with that?
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RT @jonathankeller: @hughhewitt MT @kausmickey: A liberal dissent on anti-Caesarist grounds: "On immigration, Obama flirting w/ tyranny" ht…
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.@KatyinIndy: could you spell out for me how exactly KausMickey helped stop Obama's amnesty?