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Marshall Cohen
Washington, D.C.
Reporter at @CNN. Covered the Russia investigation, now impeachment. Previously worked for @CBSNews. I was born in Philadelphia and went to Northwestern.
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From @jeffzeleny
Who has time to read all 2,677 pages of the impeachment witness transcripts? @mkraju, @jeremyherb & @MarshallCohen.…
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From @JudsonCarmicha1
@jeffzeleny @MarshallCohen @mkraju @jeremyherb This captures the Devil’s bargain of for-profit Big News. On one han…
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.@JudsonCarmicha1: CNN's worst sin is always going easy on pols. They even went easy on Saddam to get access. @jeffzeleny asked his "enchanted" question, Don Lemon interviewed Trump but never asked tough policy questions. For the USA, demand they ask tough policy questions.