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@CNN grad of @MiddleburyCollege RTs≠endorsements
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Really Fake News: CNN’s 2014 “Journalist of the Year”Admits to Faking Stories, Sources
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@seanhannity 1) He never worked for CNN, never published by CNN. 2) Honored for a piece published by a Swiss magaz…
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@mdornic @KyungLahCNN @seanhannity Sean a dork dude makes no sense and plays the victim
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.@When_N_Rome: @KyungLahCNN hypes @anniegrayercnn, who blogs about Mark Meadows & the "wall", without revealing what would sink Meadows to #MAGA: he's a big amnesty fan. In other words, Kyung & Annie *help* Trump. They refuse to go after him & his proxies where they're weakest.