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Alice Stollmeyer
Brussels, Europe
Executive Director @DefendDemocracy. Busy #DefendingDemocracy & values against internal & external hybrid threats. πŸ† #1 female digital #EUinfluencer 2019.
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From @StollmeyerEU
From this week, @Twitter is going to limit the visibility of tweets when it sees abusive & system-gaming behavior.…
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From @Kelisia
@StollmeyerEU @Twitter @Kantrowitz So, what exactly determines a "bad actor" ? People need to know what's not allo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Kelisia @calamityted: my research (see my top tweet) shows #Twitter *heavily* censors replies to Ajit Pai, Scott Pruitt, Mnuchin, & dozens more. @StollmeyerEU ended up on the wrong side of the wall.