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Corey Baird
Stanford, CA
Stanford 2018 IG @coreybaird23
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From @MLS
Back for 2020 and beyond! @bairdy_23 has signed a multi-year contract extension with @realsaltlake:…
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From @morning_s0ng
@MLS @bairdy_23 @realsaltlake I remember watching this live and I have never been so hyped up. Such an amazing goal.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@morning_s0ng: Rooney & esp Zlatan would have put @MLS on the map, & they didn't do whatever it took to hang on to them. They also sell out to Disney & Murdoch knowing they'll hide their games on cable, rather than doing whatever it takes to get on network. #MLS mgmt = problem.