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Marcus Porcius
Orange County, CA
Berlin Wall veteran, military history buff, believer in the Founders. Benefactor member of the #NRA. Libs and Trumpthugs blocked on sight. Jake Tapper blocked!
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.@Marcus_Porcius @phoebusboy1: Polis has townhalls this month. Can you organize efforts to discredit him? See
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@24AheadDotCom Don't really need to, @jaredpolis discredited himself. He's outta the ballot initiative biz & US Senate contention. #cooked
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.@phoebusboy1: @jaredpolis has not been discredited in the way I mean it. If he were, he'd be toxic and perhaps pressured to resign. #CO
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.@phoebusboy1: there are plenty of ppl apathetic or supportive of @jaredpolis. Change their minds. #immigration #Colorado #tcot #teaparty