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nYhaVen, aLgIErS, saNtAndErS
Independent//;hard-working\\individual in search for the ^~*^{TRUTH}. -@nYhaVen ^^Je deteste droitiers^^
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Obama: "I wish they [Sony] had spoken to me first." OK, but now what? What are we going to do to North Korea? Talk is cheap.
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From @MarkAcay
@MarkSKrikorian SHUT UP!
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From @MarkAcay
@MarkSKrikorian Why wld he tell you? If Obama discloses all actions he wld take, aren't you giving the enemy the heads up. Thought ur smart.
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From @MarkAcay
@MarkSKrikorian How much $$ you're getting from the Koch bros?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MarkAcay: it's better to point out to conservatives that Krikorian refused to do all he could to stop amnesty. They won't like that at all