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Walnut Creek, CA
Politics and economics dilletante, soccer dad with 2 kids off to college. Barca, Arsenal, QPR, Yankees, Rangers, Cornell.
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From @ThePlumLineGS
Corrupt president keeps lying in the faces of his followers, secure in the knowledge that his propaganda "news" sou…
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From @lack_of_energy
@ThePlumLineGS If the witnesses are so good for him, he should stop complaining and demand release of the transcripts.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lack_of_energy: Trump's signature issue is vaporware: when he's out of office, Congress will just neglect/demolish it. Rather than using that to undercut Trump's raison d'etre to his base, @ThePlumLineGS has spent 4+ years grasping at straws & failing miserably.