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State of Red HELL.
Strong Educated Old Woman Activist. Child of the 60s', anti-war~pro-soldier. Believe in Poor,Women &Little Children, President Obama,DOGS & CATS. #TheResistance
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RT @sharon_chmara: Senator Berates DREAMers, Says They Don’t Have Anything To Teach Him via @thinkprogress
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@zzelda01 @sharon_chmara: ThinkProgress is corporate funded & their #immigration stance helps Big Biz lower wages. That's not liberal.
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From @Glaivester
.@Fwd_US_Is_Wrong @zzelda01 @sharon_chmara Do you really think mass immigration is good for workers?
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From @sharon_chmara
@Glaivester @Fwd_US_Is_Wrong @zzelda01 Absolutely. I believe employment-based immigration would be a help to the economy in many ways. You?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sharon_chmara: "employment-based immigration" = "what Intel & Cisco want to pay (with the help of Obama)". #uniteblue #libcrib #ows