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Deplorable Rocky🎸 🇺🇸
Philadelphia, PA
Commercial banker, badass guitar player, #MAGA pro Trump. Recovering Dem, Bernie Sanders hair stylist, Putin's meddling advisor & personal bartender🍸
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From @Cernovich
Cult leaders - Deprive follows of sleep - Feed them to eat a diet of simple carbohydrates - Demand strict con…
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From @proudamericanmm
@Cernovich You okay Mike? That sounds like some serious weed talking. We know they blew the food group thing but damn...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@proudamericanmm: when did @Cernovich stop flacking for Trump & stop enabling his pro-amnesty proclivities? I've realized Trump is 100% fake since 2015; I never trusted him for a picosecond. Cernovich, Coulter, etc. can't say the same.