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US Intelligence +36 yrs. Expert Terrorist Strategy,Tactics,Ideology. Torture, Russian Cyber! | x4 NYT Bestselling Author, Navy Senior Chief/Jedi Master, MSNBC
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From @DavidWright_CNN
Top issues in Michael Bloomberg ads: 1. Anti-Trump: 206,361 spots 2. Health care: 154,764 3. Social issues: 88,968…
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From @archvillainfilm
@DavidWright_CNN @MalcolmNance The ads are good. Dont know how effectively theyve moved the needle. But they are well done.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
What % of voters agree with Mike we should have loose borders to keep greenskeepers wages low? Has Wright pressed him on this? Why do you enable someone worthless? MT @archvillainfilm MT @DavidWright_CNN [OCD cataloging of topics in Bloomberg ads]
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From @JimLaPorta
A Marine official told me the policy shift on the border is about stopping leaks and bad press, not national securi…
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From @Red_eyedjedi
@JimLaPorta @MalcolmNance Phone calls Border missions Pretty much anything they find unflattering gets a TS/SCI s…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Red_eyedjedi: Trump's horrific, but don't let that turn you into a Big Big stooge. @JimLaPorta & the rest of the corporate media are paid to push the billionaire/Koch agenda (free trade, loose borders, globalism). They'd be on the street if they didn't.
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From @TheRealTBone
This is probably the stupidest story since his crowd size on inauguration day.... And I am here for every minute o…
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From @mlawlor11
@TheRealTBone @MalcolmNance This is from a SouthWest Florida Water Management District map.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mlawlor11: @TheRealTBone hypes #SharpieGate. I had a site (which I let go due to lack of interest) with *tough* *policy* questions for Trump: I wanted him/his proxies to really be pressed on their policies on video for Youtube. Which plan is smart & patriotic?
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From @ken_halpern
@BobMooreNews @MalcolmNance You’re assuming he can ‘do the math’
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ken_halpern: really think this through. Those like @BobMooreNews send the message "come here illegally & we'll let you in". People respond to that, often with tragic consequences. Moore is a sociopath: he doesn't care that people die. He can sue me if he thinks that's wrong.
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From @MOTT7
MSNBC's Malcolm Nance deletes tweet calling for SUICIDE BOMBING of Trump hotel @MalcolmNance
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From @24aheaddotcom_
RT @MOTT7 MSNBC's Malcolm Nance deletes tweet calling for SUICIDE BOMBING of Trump hotel @MalcolmNance