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Clinical faculty @uchicagolaw @ijclinic. Biz, gov, & ed. Optimistic realist. Passionate abt people & what we can achieve by working together. Tweets = not work.
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.@AmyHermalik: there at @uchicagolaw @ijclinic, have you received any direct or indirect #Koch funding like fellowships, grants, etc.? What about @conor64? Or are you two just duping people for ideological reasons? #TheAtlantic #MAGA #resist
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“A central plank of the American dream is at stake.” MUST READ --> "The Right to Earn a Living" @TheAtlantic ar…
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.@AmyHermalik: you hype "The Right to Earn a Living" in #TheAtlantic by @conor64, acknowledging it's based on a @IJ report. Why didn't you or he reveal IJ is a #Koch outfit that wants as few regulations as possible so they can make as much money as possible? #MAGA #resist