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Las Vegas, NV
I am a 71 year old retired woman lots of time on my hands so I check out Twitter sometimes I enjoy it sometimes I don't sometimes I just leave.
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From @_SJPeace_
“I'm saying we love Americans, but we hate your president” Are these the "terrorist" we are fighting in the midd…
Flatten the curve, not the webrant🍑🌿's avatar
From @web_rant
@_SJPeace_ @nlyonne The disenfranchised people of the world will always have more in common than the false division…
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From @main945
@web_rant @_SJPeace_ @nlyonne But we do know this it's all about the power. That is why the very best government is…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@main945: FYI, @web_rant pretends to oppose oligarchs, yet it blocked me over opposing one thing all oligarchs dearly want: lower wages. Beware wolves in sheeps' clothing.