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Cohost @PodsideP / Writer / Communications strategist, Weyland-Yutani Co.
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Come for the trolling, stay for the Lebowski reference
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@jonathanchait For the record, I'm tentatively on Team "illiberal tactics and modes of thought are prevalent enough…
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@EricLevitz @jonathanchait The trivially true statement "sometimes campus protesters with left-ish views are wrong…
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@ConnorSouthard @jonathanchait 1) Yeah. I mean, I think that there are some ideological threads that connect certai…
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@ConnorSouthard @jonathanchait 2) But I do think that that tendency has far fewer adherents and less coherence than…
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@EricLevitz @jonathanchait Well and also if you were really concerned about a lack of democracy and open discourse…
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@ConnorSouthard @EricLevitz @jonathanchait i concur
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.@alexkotch: @EricLevitz hypes govt-guaranteed jobs (crooked Dem leaders [ie all of them] would fight immigration status checks, collapsing the pgm). He thinks Bernie's con on immig despite him going corrupt. He ignores Kochs on immig. Ignoring 5000 ton elephant = not credible