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Kelly Sheehan
Songwriter 4 @Beyonce @NickiMinaj @SnoopDogg @MaryJBlige @DJKhaled @Cher @KylieMinogue @KellyClarkson & many more | Co-Leader of L.A. for Warren @laforwarren
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From @im_PULSE
It was interesting to watch @TulsiGabbard repeatedly evade @andersoncooper's direct questions and decline to condem…
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From @MadameButtons
@im_PULSE @TulsiGabbard @andersoncooper @joshrogin Yup she has no problem with Syrian & Russian barrel bombs decimating civilian populations
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RobbinMilne: those like @MadameButtons are understandable, but why are @im_PULSE (contributor to LAT Review of Books!), WaPo, NYT, etc so keen on smearing Gabbard (even stooping to McCarthyite tactics)?