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Big Structural Mood
College Park, MD
PhD candidate @BISIumd. co-host @chainswmuc. well I hope you enjoy my twitter page, lemme know if you need anything
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From @theintercept
A million people have raised their hands to volunteer to make Bernie Sanders president. They deserve more from him,…
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From @CoreyRennolds
@theintercept @ryangrim who the fuck cares about his tax returns. why does anyone care. what does that change either way
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CoreyRennolds: what's needed is a deep background check to see if pols are on the take/corruptible. Partisans reject that. What's needed even more is Socratic debate about the huge flaws in pols' plans. Partisans like @ryangrim (or MAGA) reject that too.