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Huntersville, NC
UNC alum. Atty in Charlotte, NC. Polls. elections. Steph Curry. Never Trump. If "deplorable" is in your handle, you probably shouldn't bother
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From @Brand_Allen
You can always count on ole Rick (to remind you of why he hasn't held elected office in 9 yrs, & why he never will).
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From @CounterJihad
@Brand_Allen Nice guy who simply should stay away from open mics...if i had a gay friend who died of course id go to his funeral who cares?
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From @mypalfish
@CounterJihad @Brand_Allen would go to a funeral but not a gay wedding.
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From @CounterJihad
@mypalfish @Brand_Allen Its a personal choice @ww3updates @gb_ball Blame the Muslims, Sunni vs. Shia, personally i dont give a rat's ass.
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From @gb_ball
@CounterJihad I don't either...I'm in agriculture and liked the picture. lol
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gb_ball: how @CounterJihad helps Obama: Let's chat if you disagree.