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Rhwng Lloegr ac Anarres
Un sy'n ceisio cerdded i ffwrdd o Omelas. Ffuglen wyddonol ac yn y blaen. "Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood." -Lu Xun
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From @BeijingPalmer
beginning to suspect the 'Made in China Journal' is a brilliant work of parody of left-wing academic self-delusion…
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From @BeijingPalmer
I particularly like the way it keeps demanding that Hong Kongers express solidarity toward people who do nothing to…
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From @Llyfrgell_Babel
@BeijingPalmer Satire is probably a more charitable interpretation than 'ritual stylistic genuflection with no real…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Llyfrgell_Babel: Trump's horrific, but @BeijingPalmer hypes the "Ron Vara" campaign designed to undercut Navarro in order to enable globalism that harms U.S. workers. Except, he doesn't reveal the real reason why every NeoLiberal lackey is hyping the non story.