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Amarnath Amarasingam
Toronto, Canada
Prof @QueensU | Fellow @QueensCIDP @ISDGlobal @ICSR_Centre @GNET_research | Work: terrorism, social movements, sociology of religion, MENA, South Asia
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.@AmarAmarasingam @ColinPClarke: FYI, @MiaMBloom hyped the ayal_feinberg study that's since apparently been debunked. Do your own research, then decide if her opinion can be trusted.
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FBI bulletin: The QAnon movement, Pizzagate, the “Zionist Occupation Government” theory, the Sandy Hook "Crisis Ac…
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@AmarAmarasingam Thank you. Please don't give in to Trump and White Fascism. I'm 57, dad and grandfather fought in…
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They fought *against* censorship. Recognize when you're being duped. MT @AWorldOutOfMind and grandfather fought in world wars. Don't let their generation's sacrifice become meaningless. MT @AmarAmarasingam [pushes censorship]