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Esther Eli Vizio
Fisher Island, Florida
I am proud to be part of #TheResistance #Resist #IMPEACH NOW.
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From @nbenac
The stakes could be enormous from a public health and economic perspective, and also for Trump’s personal credibili…
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From @EliEstherVizio
@nbenac @ZekeJMiller @AamerISmad @JonLemire How can you face an issue about something you don’t have? He has ZERO CREDIBILITY
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From @24aheaddotcom_
So, if 1000s die, he'll face a credibility hit. Then, after Aamer gets clicks over it, Trump will recover by tricking his loudest opponents to fall for his latest stunt. MT @EliEstherVizio MT @AamerISmad [blogs "Trump faces credibility test as he plays down virus threat"]