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Lizette Chapman
Covering venture capital and tech for Bloomberg. Eternal optimist, mom of 3, aspiring saxophonist. DM for Signal # or lchapman19(at)
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From @teddyschleifer
New data from @AllRaise: — VC firms added 50 female partners/general partners in 2019. — 65% of VC firms still ha…
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From @teddyschleifer
This would be a serious lagging indicator, so understand why @PamKostka would focus on self-reported data and annou…
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From @teddyschleifer
Good story from @lizette_chapman here:
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From @teddyschleifer
@lizette_chapman While it's great that the VC industry added 52 women to its "partner" ranks, @AllRaise gave me a l…
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From @teddyschleifer
New: Why Silicon Valley’s accomplishments on gender diversity are not as good as they seem
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From @teddyschleifer
Yes, today’s fake “partner” may be tomorrow’s real “partner.” But I worry that title inflation does a disservice…
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From @Claire
@teddyschleifer given the rise of “partner” i’m surprised that none on the list were actually operating partners, right?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Claire: see the reports at my pinned tweet. What happens to $TWTR when most users realize they could be ghosted, & millions find out how heavily Twitter shields Rouhani & Medvedev from dissidents?