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Suzanne Ghais
Arvada, CO
Facilitator, mediator, aspiring peacemaker, scholar/author, mom
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From @FareedZakaria
We live in an age in which millions of innocent people fleeing violence, persecution and disaster have been demoniz…
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From @SuzanneGhais
@FareedZakaria @theIRC I support @theIRC too (and am a big fan of GPS). Not only do they do great work, but they ke…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SuzanneGhais: 100s of millions live under threat of violence, billions live in poverty. The @FareedZakaria @theIRC policy that they should all move to USA or W. Europe is inhumane. They should work to improve conditions in other countries, not lead people on about moving here.