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A liberal disabled USAF veteran #IAmTheResistance Ask me for #VoterInformation #Resist The occasional fangirl tweet #FBR #VetsResist Blocked by @DLoesch
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From @ryangrim
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leads opposition to coal puppet Joe Manchin for top Senate energy slot by @aidachavez
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From @liberalgoddess
@ryangrim @aidachavez I agree with her.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@liberalgoddess: what @ryangrim & @aidachavez won't admit is how incredibly pro-Big Biz #Ocasio2018 is. US Chamber & Koch could have written her immigration stance. Either she's a CATO hack or she's incredibly dim. Put her supposed stance against Big Coal in that light.