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Julie A. Locascio
Washington, D.C.
A passionate environmentalist & human rights advocate, Ms. Locascio practices law & defends democracy in Washington, D.C. Tricks in Captivity is her 1st novel.
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From @CampaignLegal
UPDATE: last year, we uncovered how two Ukrainian-Americans had laundered a six-figure contribution to President Tr…
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From @Julie_Locascio
@CampaignLegal Alright, nobody else said it, so I will say it: If you can afford to do so, PLEASE DONATE to this ou…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Julie_Locascio: millions are spent each year to get politicians to turn a blind eye to massive illegal activity so Big Biz can profit from lowering wages. Oddly, @CampaignLegal is silent on that. They're just partisan attack dogs like there are similar r/w groups.