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| Freelancer | Photographer | Dreamer | “The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but they do turn.”
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A thread: Getty fire: Housekeepers, gardener go to work despite the flames - Los Angeles Times
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From @kpab04
@brittny_mejia This is heartbreaking. We need more laws to protect these workers, part-time or not. A day’s wage lo…
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@brittny_mejia This is really heartbreaking, Brittny. Thank you for helping and for this reporting
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.@aimeecarrero: @brittny_mejia & LATimes strongly support illegal immigration. What she's paid to push leads to even more of the problems she complains about. Her latest blog isn't designed to reduce illegal immigration, it's designed to increase it. She's trying to scam you.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kpab04: the only way to reduce exploitation of illegal aliens is to reduce illegal immigration. There's no way around that. @brittny_mejia 's latest blog is designed to *increase* illegal immigration & thus more exploitation. The MSM has a habit of pulling such scams.